Nurse Residency Graduates More Committed

July 20, 2005

Contact: Angel Heisel 272-3651; Jenny Savage 272-3690


Recent studies show that graduates of the UNM Nurse Residency Program are demonstrating a higher level of commitment to the nursing profession than the national average. Turnover rates for nurses who have completed the residency at UNMH lie at 8.72 percent compared to a national turnover rate of 20 percent.

Studies show that 24-30 percent of new graduates seek new employment within nine months of receiving their license and up to 20 percent of nurses leave the profession in the first year, citing stress, lack of support and necessary skills as reasons for their departure.

The standardized one-year UNM Nurse Residency Program emphasizes the development of clinical and leadership skills to guide baccalaureate nursing graduates through a smooth transition into professional nursing positions. Graduates are groomed to act as competent partners within the clinical environment and strengthen their commitment to nursing as a professional career choice. After successful completion of the program, nurse residents are hired into a unit of their choice. Since 1999, 141 new graduates have completed the program residency.

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