Nursing Students Teach Importance of Healthy Eating


Wednesday, November 3, 2004, five UNM College of Nursing students gave a presentation to children and parents at Montezuma Elementary School on the importance of eating healthy. In a time when childhood and adult obesity is on the rise- the nursing students said that by developing good eating habits early in life, children will grow up and have a better chance of carrying those habits through adulthood.

The program, attended by approximately 70 children, parents and teachers, began with the elementary school students singing songs about food.

"The event was well attended and the audience reflected a significant interest in the presentation," said Paul T. Clements, PhD, assistant professor at the College of Nursing.

Nursing students gave a power point presentation in both English and Spanish that included information regarding current trends and issues in childhood obesity, sample recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, product demonstrations and a cost analysis for purchasing healthy foods. Accompanying informational brochures were also distributed in English and Spanish versions.

For the Spanish speaking participants, assistant professor, Dr. Pedro Guarnero, who translated the presentation brochures, menus, and power points, was also in attendance to answer any questions.

Contact: Angela Heisel, 272-3322

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