Obstetrics and Gynecology Maternal Fetal Medicine

December 8, 2004

Contact: Jennifer Riordan 272-0262 office, 220-0702 cell; Bridgid Isworth 272-1622


The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at UNM continues to shine through the division of Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM). Recently, the MFM program has been nationally acclaimed for numerous achievements.

Most notably, MFM has reached more patients through their outreach high-risk pregnancy consultation clinics than any other program nationally. The program is also one of a select group of fellowship programs in maternal-fetal medicine and has produced nationally recognized research in steroid hormone action, genomics and proteomics, diabetes in pregnancy and effects of drugs in pregnancy.

Other research being conducted through the program includes: emerging technologies in preterm birth, induction of labor, and substance abuse. Faculty members contributing to the nationally recognized program include:

·         Kimberlie Leslie, M.D

·         Valerie Rappaport, M.D

·         William Rayburn, M.D

·         Lisa Moore, M.D

·         Tim Hurley, M.D

·         Maria Velazquez, M.D

·         L. Ben Curet, M.D

·         Jay Bolnick, M.D

·         William Ramirez, M.D

·         Eliza Berkley, M.D

·         Rebecca Hall, PhD

·         Diana Clokey, RD

·         Cheryl Wallerstedt, RN

·         Christine Koil, MS

·         Kayon Williams, MS

The UNM Maternal Fetal Medicine Division cares for high-risk pregnancies. It is a leading New Mexico center where complicated pregnancies are managed. It uses advanced fetal technology to evaluate the health of the unborn baby.

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