Office of Cultural and Ethnic Programs Sponsors First Dream Makers Awards Banquet

The first Annual Dream Makers Awards Banquet, an event designed to honor participants in a unique UNM School of Medicine program aimed at providing Albuquerque middle school students with opportunities to explore the health professions while enhancing their English and science Skills gets underway tonight at Highland High School.

The banquet, which is being sponsored by the UNM Office of Cultural and Ethnic Programs within the UNM School of Medicine, will begin at 6 p.m. at Highland High School.

The Dream Makers program is designed to establish and facilitate health career clubs in Albuquerque area middle schools and to give students a realistic sense of their abilities, opportunities and potential for work and success in these fields. The primary goal is to stimulate students' interest and imagination in the areas of medicine and health. Once each month, hands-on workshops are presented to the students. Workshop topics range from a dissections of a cow's eyes and heart to learning how to read and take blood pressure.

The program is coordinated and staffed through the Office of Cultural and Ethnic Programs and is part of the efforts supported by Paul Roth, M.D., dean for the School of Medicine, in order to address the increasing need of diversity in the healthcare work force.

In fall 2002, the Dream Makers program will resume and will include additional area middle schools, said Robert Gomez, M.D., associate dean for Cultural and Ethnic Programs.

Contact: Cindy Foster, 272-3322

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