Patient-centered approach earns recognition for UNM pediatric clinics

Three University of New Mexico Hospital pediatric clinics have received top recognition for their comprehensive and coordinated approach to patient care.

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) recently recognized the clinics as Level III patient-centered medical homes. There are just six clinics in New Mexico that have earned the Level III ranking, NCQA’s highest. Four of those clinics belong to the UNM Health System.

“Physicians and other health professionals who follow the medical home model take a proactive and very personal approach to their patient’s care,” said Dr. Michael Richards, executive physician-in-chief for the UNM Health System. “This approach leads to better health, longer lives, higher patient satisfaction and less expensive care over time.”

The pediatric primary care clinic at UNM Hospital, the UNM Carrie Tingley primary care clinic and the UNM Young Children’s Health Center all received Level III PCMH recognition. Most of the other primary care clinics in the UNM Health System are designated as Level II patient-centered medical homes.

Under the medical home model of care, patients develop an ongoing relationship with a primary care physician, who serves as a single, primary point of contact for the patient and leads a team of medical professionals dedicated to the patient’s care. This personal physician also coordinates care across the health system, arranging appointments with specialists and other medical professionals as needed. It’s a model that emphasizes safety and quality of care, strong communication between patient and provider, as well as enhanced access to that care.

“We embrace this proactive model of patient care, because it relies on a team-based and integrated approach to primary care, and it ensures that patients are active participants in managing their own health,” said UNM Health System Chief Executive Officer Steve McKernan. 

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