Pfizer Offers $10,000 for MINI Med Schools

February 9, 2005

Contact: Luke Frank, Senior Public Affairs Representative, 505/272-3679


ALBUQUERQUE Pfizer, Inc., recently presented a $10,000 check to the Office of Continuing Medical Education in support of the Health Sciences Center's 2005 Mini Med Schools.

"Pfizer supports institutions who can tailor health programs to individual community needs," says C. Jeff Goodgame, M.D., Regional Medical Research Specialist for Pfizer. "We evaluated several medical institutions in the region and selected the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center because of its dominant leadership role in medical education in the state."

The Mini Med Schools, eight to 10 seminars free to the public every February, is a popular health outreach program that addresses community health issues in New Mexico. The seminars are developed specifically to provide information New Mexicans need to manage their health. The free seminars were instituted by the Health Sciences Center in 2000.

Physicians within the School of Medicine volunteer their time to create and present seminars that address healthy lifestyles, preventive nutrition, inoculation, and medical detection and treatment options as they relate to New Mexicans.

The two remaining Tuesday evening seminars for this year's Mini Med Schools are:

February 15, 6:30 8:30 p.m.

GERIATRICS: Medicine helping older adults to get the most out of life

As baby boomers begin to enter their golden years, there are lifestyle changes that can preserve mental and physical health for the twilight years. Learn the latest on healthy aging, including understanding the differences between simple forgetfulness and onset dementia and tools to cope with late life depression.


                                JANICE KNOEFEL, M.D.

                                WILLIAM APFELDORF, M.D.


February 22, 6:30 8:30 p.m.

HEALTH AND WELLNESS: Important steps you can take to stay healthy

Learn simple, practical behaviors that will keep you healthier longer. From stretching, exercise and diet  to help care for your joints to hand-washing and basic oral hygiene, you can enjoy more of your life longer.


                                CHRISTINE NATHE, Ph.D.

                                RON ANDREWS, Ph.D., PT

"We are grateful to Pfizer for its support, which extends far beyond this particular donation, and pleased to be recognized as effective health advocates for New Mexicans, " remarks Dr. Ellen Cosgrove, Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education, and Professor of Internal Medicine. "This is our first outside donation in support of the Mini Med Schools."

Cosgrove adds that the donation is being used to pay for seminar space, to improve materials for attendees and to better inform the public about the Mini Med Schools.

For more information about the Mini Med Schools, contact the School of Medicine's Office of Continuing Education at 272-3942.

The University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center provides added value to health care through leadership in providing innovative, collaborative education; advancing frontiers of science through research critical to the future of health care; delivering health care services that are at the forefront of science; and facilitating partnerships with public and private biomedical and health enterprises. For more information on the UNM Health Sciences Center, visit .

Contact: Luke Frank, 272-3322

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