Physical Therapy Program to Offer Doctorates

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March 30, 2009

For Immediate Release

Albuqerque, N.M. - The University of New Mexico Physical Therapy Graduate Program was recently approved to transition from offering a Master of Physical Therapy (MPT) to a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT).

The DPT curriculum is expected to start in Fall 2009. The MPT degree will be phased out after full inception of the DPT curriculum.

With this new degree program, the UNM Physical Therapy Graduate Program will be able to provide a curriculum that leads to an entry-level professional DPT for students who enter the program with a baccalaureate, and will later provide a modified curriculum that allows UNM MPT graduates to complete the added requirements for a DPT.

There has been a significant increase in physical therapy educational programs across the nation upgrading to the doctoral degree, with 93 percent of entry level programs currently offering the DPT degree and the remaining seven percent in the process of converting to the DPT degree.

As the only physical therapy graduate program in New Mexico, the UNM program wanted to be able to offer its in-state students an opportunity to earn a DPT instead of having to go out-of-state.

The New Mexico Department of Labor projects a 41.9 percent growth in physical therapist jobs through 2012.

With the need for physical therapists in New Mexico rising, UNM’s movement to offer a DPT should help with keeping graduates in-state to meet the demand. Currently, over 70 percent of practicing physical therapists in New Mexico are UNM graduates.

For more information on the DPT at UNM, contact Nikola

Contact: Lauren Cruse, 272-3322

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