Public Disclosure Slated for Brain Trauma Study

Would you be willing to be in a research study where you might be cooled without your consent following a brain injury? That is the question that staff within the UNM School of Medicine’s Department of Neurosurgery and Human Research Review Committee is asking the community members across northern New Mexico as the Health Sciences Center considers taking part in a national brain trauma research study during a two-week public disclosure period that runs from July 23, through August 6. The goal of the proposed study is to learn if early cooling within two hours from a brain trauma, either on the scene of the accident or immediately upon arrival to the University of New Mexico Hospital’s Emergency Room, will improve survival and/or lessen permanent disability. Research requires informed consent from participants. As severely brain injured patients are unresponsive and unable to consent to participate in the study and family members may be unavailable to give consent within the critical two hour time window, if the study proceeds, most patients will be included without giving prior consent. To find out more, log on to the more information link below or call 505-272-4280 to speak with the study coordinator.
Contact: Cindy Foster, 272-3322

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