Raley's Supermarkets and Creamland Dairies team up to help raise money for UNM Children's Hospital

Beginning on March 31, Creamland Dairies will donate five cents for every gallon sold at Raley's Supermarkets to the UNM Children's Hospital.  The fundraiser will last until April 23 at all Raley's locations in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.


Another fundraiser, beginning on April 7, will also take place in conjunction with Raley's Supermarkets.  Paper "miracle balloons" will be available for sale in any Raley's stores through Albuquerque and Santa Fe.  The cost of the balloon is $1.00 and anyone who purchases a miracle balloon at a Raley's store will receive over $2.84 in redeemable coupons for Raley's Supermarkets.  The balloons will be available until May 10.


UNM Children's Hospital serves more than 50,000 New Mexico children every year.  The hospital offers the most comprehensive care for children, available in New Mexico, and has the highest level of intensive care for children suffering from an illness or injury.  Pediatric physicians specialize in many areas, including pediatric surgery, neonatology, oncology, cardiology, pulmonary and much more.





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