Regent's Professorships and Lectureships Awarded

January 29, 2008 Contact: Shannon Guess (505) 272-0261 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ALBUQUERQUE , N.M. – The University of New Mexico’s School of Medicine has awarded Regent’s Professorships and Regent’s Lectureships to three of its faculty members. Pope Moseley, M.D., and Steven McLaughlin, M.D., received Regent’s Professorships and Sarah Lanthrop, DVM, Ph.D., received a Regent’s Lectureship. Senior faculty members receive Professorships whereas junior members receive Lectureships. Regent’s Professorships and Lectureships are awarded to nominees based on performance in three key areas: teaching and education, community service and research. Nominees are considered by a University-wide committee, which then makes recommendations to the Provost who ultimately makes the appointments. Regent’s Professorship and Lectureship terms last for three years. Each year, the individual receives either $8,300 for a Professorship or $2,900 for a Lectureship. This money can be applied to salary, research or a combination of the two.

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