Restructuring of School of Medicine Student Affairs



UNM Health Sciences Center School of Medicine Dean Paul Roth, M.D., and Senior Associate Dean Ellen for Education, Cosgrove, M.D. announce a restructuring of student services in the School of Medicine effective July 1.

"I am interested in creating an infrastructure that will best meet our student's needs from all of our educational programs in the School of Medicine - from the diagnostic and therapeutic sciences, the medical students and residents to our graduate students.  This new structure allows us to accomplish this," said Roth in announcing the restructuring.

Roberto Gomez, M.D., will serve as Associate Dean of Students with the offices of School of Medicine Admissions, Student Affairs, Career Advising, Cultural and Ethnic Programs, and Financial Aid reporting to him. 

His staff will include Roger Radloff, Ph.D., as assistant dean of Admissions, Elizabeth Barton as registrar, Sharon Phelan, M.D., as director of Career Advising, Ed Wyckoff as supervisor of Financial Aid, and Valerie Romero-Leggott, M.D., as director of Cultural and Ethnic Programs.

"A comprehensive approach to creating a learning environment that fosters student academic achievement and personal growth is the ultimate goal of the redesign,"

said Cosgrove.  "Bringing all of the services together will allow for improved access for students and a more student-centered approach.  We plan major improvements in student advising and career counseling."



Contact: Cindy Foster, 272-3322

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