Rooftop Stay Ups Carrie Tingley Hospital Donations


November 9, 2007

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Rooftop Stay Raises Donations for Carrie Tingley Hospital

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - On Monday, November 12, Dr. Michael Hattabaugh, executive director for National Day of Care, will begin a week-long stay atop the roof of the Albuquerque Chick-Fil-A at 3801 Ellison Drive near Cottonwood Mall.

The aim of Mike’s rooftop lodging is to raise funds and awareness of the millions of children who need a "roof over their heads."

The goal of "Get Mike Down" is $200,000, with half of the proceeds going to UNM Carrie Tingley Hospital (CTH) in Albuquerque -- the premier pediatric musculoskeletal acute rehabilitation hospital in the state -- to provide housing for children and their families during long-term treatment stays. The remainder of the proceeds will be used to provide assistance to the more than 15 million children in Africa who are orphans due to AIDS.

National Day of Care is an annual observance promoted across the U.S. to encourage communities to respond to the growing needs of local children’s charities -- as well as Africa’s AIDS orphan population.

CTH provides specialized care for children with chronic conditions such as complex pediatric orthopaedic conditions; spinal cord injuries, acquired brain injuries, feeding/GI issues, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, genetic condition, developmental issues, continence issues and neuro-behavioral concerns.

The CTH inpatient unit is housed within the UNM Hospitals Pavilion building, while the CTH Outpatient Clinic and Rehabilitation Services are located in the separate hospital facility on University Boulevard.

Under the UNM Hospital umbrella, CTH partners with the UNM Children’s Hospital and the UNM Health Sciences Center to provide this specialized care for children from all over New Mexico and surrounding states. It also provides crucial training for physicians, therapists, nurses and other professionals in the special needs of -- and in the family-centered approach to - children’s specialty medicine.

Donations can be made, by phone at (505) 306-3408, or stop by the Chick-Fil-A location, November 12-18, make a donation, and cheer on Dr. Hattabaugh in his mission to help the children of the world.

"We are truly grateful for the dedicated efforts of National Day of Care and Dr. Hattabaugh in bringing hope to children in need and are honored to have been chosen as a benefactor of this event. The world will benefit by the efforts of these devoted individuals to make a positive future for our children," said Crystal Frantz, executive director of Carrie Tingley Hospital.

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