Sandia Lab, Mind Research Network, UNM Join Forces

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 10, 2008 Contact: Luke Frank, Media Relations Manager, 505/272-3679; cell 505/907-9525 ALBUQUERQUE , NM – The Mind Research Network has added a new level of expertise to its Neurosystems Engineering Team with input from Dr. Gerold (Gerry) Yonas, vice president and principal scientist at Sandia National Laboratories. Yonas joins MRN researcher and neuropsychologist Dr. Rex Jung in offering a neurosystems engineering course at UNM’s College of Engineering that links the latest advances in neuroscience with systems engineering. The focus is on finding solutions to complex problems involving human behavior, cognition and technology applications. In addition, Yonas and MRN are conducting neuroimaging research in areas of national security, traumatic brain injury, accelerated learning, human creativity and intelligence, and more. Yonas began studying neuroscience while leading Sandia’s Advanced Concepts Group. The group’s initial objective of envisioning and anticipating future U.S. threats and solutions led to explorations of possibilities inherent in neuroscience and brain functioning. This new relationship is part of a broader effort to foster more productive collaborations between MRN and Sandia - both leaders in their respective fields of biological, physical and computational disciplines. By integrating researchers from a variety of fields, much more powerful ways of studying complex neuroscience problems are expected to be developed.

The Mind Research Network is dedicated to advancing the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness and brain injury. For information on the Mind Research Network, please call 505/272-5028 or

Contact: Luke Frank, 272-3322

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