Sapien Appointed to Advisory Committee on Infant Mortality of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)

Robert E. Sapien, M.D., FAAP, was recently appointed to the Advisory Committee on Infant Mortality of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).

The Secretary of Health, Tommy Thompson, appointed Dr. Sapien tor the HRSA committee for a two-year term.  Dr. Sapien will advise Thompson on programs that are directed to reduce infant mortality and improve the health status of pregnant women and infants.

Dr. Sapien has been with the University of New Mexico since 1991.  He serves as an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics, with expertise in Pediatric Emergency Medicine. Dr. Sapien is also the state medical director for emergency medical services for children, and serves on several local, state and national committees.

The Pediatric Emergency Department (PED) at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center is a division of the Emergency Department.  The PED is dedicated to caring specifically for ill and injured children in a safe and non-threatening environment.  The doctors, nurses and technical personnel of the PED have specific training in caring for acutely sick and hurt children are all focused on the needs of the child and their families

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