School of Medicine's La Tierra Sagrada Society Will Award Grants


Kelly Shannon, Development Coordinator, UNM School of Medicine, 272-1913

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A group of HSC faculty, staff and community members dedicated to medical education, research and healing, will make multiple grants up to $20,000 to benefit the UNM School of Medicine.  Grant applications will be accepted from School of Medicine faculty, staff, residents and students. La Tierra Sagrada Society will award the grants in October 2004.

The competitive grants process "is a method of identifying and solving needs within the school," said School of Medicine Dean Paul Roth, M.D. La Tierra Sagrada Society hopes to inspire innovative ideas on how to advance the school's mission.

Application guidelines are currently available in PDF format on the La Tierra Sagrada Society website at: 

The deadline for applications is Friday, July 30, at 12 p.m. Proposals will be evaluated by the La Tierra Sagrada Society Volunteer Member Cabinet. The project must demonstrate a positive impact on the UNM School of Medicine community and preference will be given to projects that include a plan for measuring impact.

Projects must fit one of the following criteria:

1)     bring the School of Medicine community into closer contact with the community at large by advancing relations, including training and resource procurement for improved communication;

2)     increase interaction between the School of Medicine community and New Mexico schools and students;

3)     provide medical outreach; or

4)     support innovative research projects, including student research projects.


La Tierra Sagrada, Spanish for "The Sacred Earth", was established by Dean Roth in 1996.  The society's mission is to promote the excellence of the UNM School of Medicine within the community and to provide financial assistance, fellowship and volunteerism through membership.

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