Second Vision 2020 Symposium on May 4

The University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center will sponsor its second Vision 2020 Symposium at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center (UNM HSC).

Vision 2020 is the most ambitious strategic goal ever set forth by the UNM HSC. It states, “UNM HSC will work with community partners to help New Mexico make more progress in health and health equity more than any other state by the Year 2020.”

Its goal is to create the first academic health center strategic plan focusing on improving a state’s population’s health care as a measure of the institution’s success. To fulfill this vision, all colleges, schools, departments and programs at UNM HSC have incorporated into their annual performance plans how their education, service and research enterprises will measurably improve the health of New Mexico.

The first symposium drew more than 600 interested students, faculty, staff, state and local leaders met in support of that new vision. Hundreds of posters, presentations and exhibits illustrated the range of existing and planned interventions and explored how the HSC can be more effective in improving the health of New Mexico’s communities and how those efforts are relevant to health care reform and county-by-county health indicators. This second Symposium will focus on learning from our community partners.

With a recognition that each community within New Mexico is unique and presents unique challenges to health providers, goals of the May 4 day-long symposium will be to learn:

  • What is working well in UNM’s relationships with communities throughout the state and what can be improved
  • How partnership activities can grow into the creation of a local UNM HSC “academic hub” in areas around the state which can mobilize University resources to address your priority health problems and improve health status

After the Symposium, on the basis of community input and an invitations to visit, UNM HSC plans to schedule customized “health team” trips to communities throughout the state to learn more about local community health priorities and to develop action plans to address those priorities.

“This is the birth of a bold new way of providing compassionate, hands-on patient care, training the next generation of healthcare providers and of discovering knowledge and improving care systems throughout the state,” said Paul Roth, M.D. ,UNM executive vice president for health sciences, said of Vision 2020.

For more information, contact Leigh Caswell atlamason@salud.unm.eduwith questions or comments and to RSVP.

Contact: Cindy Foster, 272-3322

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