SOM Welcomes ABQ Residents as New Students

NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 12, 2009 Contact: Luke Frank, Media Relations Manager, 505/272-3679; cell 505/907-9525 ALBUQUERQUE, NM – The UNM School of Medicine (SOM) welcomes the following Albuquerque residents and high school graduates to its first-year medical student class: Ø Ethan Benning, Eldorado High School Ø Jessica Black, Manzano High School Ø Tamara Brooks, Eldorado High School Ø Quynh-Anh, Albuquerque High School Ø Julia Byrd, La Cueva High School Ø Lola Carrete, St. Puis X High School Ø Shelby Clements, Manzano High School Ø Garon Coriz, Albuquerque Academy Ø Micaela Dagucon, Eldorado High School Ø Tu Dao, Albuquerque High School Ø Keith Davis, Hope Christian School Ø Jeannette Ferguson, Del Norte High School Ø Azadeh Fotouhie, Del Norte High School Ø Joan Goldsworthy, Sandia Preparatory School Ø Kristen Gonzales, Eldorado High School Ø Martha Gutierrez, Rio Grande High School Ø Jordan Higgins, Sandia High School Ø Megan Jenkins, Eldorado High School Ø Jessica Krayni, La Cueva High School Ø Michael Marcus, La Cueva High School Ø William McClellan, Highland High School Ø Matthew Mehne, Albuquerque Academy Ø Jeremy Miller, Sandia Preparatory School Ø Amjad Musleh, Manzano High School Ø Elisabeth Obenauf, Sandia Preparatory School Ø Rebecca Raymond, Albuquerque High School Ø Joshua Rider, La Cueva High School Ø Amanda Segura, Albuquerque High School Ø Ursula Stauber, Albuquerque High School Ø Noah Syme, Albuquerque Academy Ø Raquel Tello, Highland High School Ø Stephanie Tran, Eldorado High School Of the 604 total applicants for the School of Medicine Class of 2013, only 75 students were accepted. Throughout the admissions process, each of these new medical school students demonstrated strong academic achievement and leadership skills as aspiring physicians prepared to pursue an exceptional education at UNM. They should be congratulated for their outstanding efforts and accomplishments in gaining admission to the SOM. Established in 1961, the UNM School of Medicine admitted its first class in 1964 and since has gained national and international recognition for its dynamic curricular innovations aimed at adapting adult learning theory to medical education. In the latest issue ofU.S. News & World Report’s “America’s Best Graduate Schools”, UNM’s SOM ranked second in the nation for its Rural Medicine program and is among the top 30 medical schools in its primary care curriculum. Through its vital patient care, education and research missions, the UNM SOM has established itself as a global leader in training future generations of health practitioners. For more information on UNM’s School of Medicine, visit call 505/272-4766.
Contact: Luke Frank, 272-3322

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