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SRMC Nurse to be Honored at Sandoval Regional Medical Center Board of Directors Meeting

The Sandoval Regional Medical Center (SRMC) Board of Directors is hosting a proclamation of recognition ceremony being presented by Rio Rancho Mayor Greg Hull to UNM medical student and SRMC nurse Michael Wentzel.

 Wentzel, 41, a third-year medical student at UNM was exercising at a local gym when he discovered a young woman collapsed on the floor. He began chest compressions and continued until paramedics arrived at the scene and were able to stabilize the woman’s heart beat with medication.

 Wentzel has served as an ICU nurse in military hospitals around the globe.  He is working part-time as a supervisor at SRMC  to help finance his medical school education.  Additional details of his story can be obtained at http://hscnews.unm.edu/news/in-the-right-place-at-the-right-time.

 The ceremony will take place at the beginning of the SRMC Board of Directors meeting at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, November 22.


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