Students at the Mimbres School of the UNM Children's Psychiatric Center will be welcoming spring with the Annual Dolphin Day Fountain Ceremony.


The UNM Children's Psychiatric Center(CPC) will hold its Annual Dolphin Day Ceremony on Friday, March 21 at 10:00am.  This event is put on every year by students at the Mimbres School to welcome spring and turn on the Center's Dolphin Fountain. which is located by the cafeteria in the CPC.  Refreshments and entertainment will be provided at the ceremony. Students of the school will perform skits, stories and poems they have prepared for the event.

  In addition to the turning on of the Dolphin Fountain, the Second Annual Angel Award will be presented at the event.  The recipient of the award is a CPC staff member, nominated by CPC administration, who has demonstrated professional excellence in three areas.  The recipient is someone who demonstrates care, as well as support, for fellow employees, professionalism in focusing on getting the job done right with high ethical standards, and enthusiasm in overcoming barriers on the job.

 The Mimbres School provides the education program for patients admitted to Children's Psychiatric Center (CPC).  Mimbres School is a state-accredited school that provides educational services for students Pre-Kindergarten through High School.

As a state accredited school, Mimbres School incorporates the curriculum goals and standards outlined by the New Mexico State Department of Education.  These Standards and goals are an integral part of each patient's treatment plan.  In addition, CPC must meet the Joint Commission for Hospital accreditation requirements.



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