Taos Medical Student Wins Prestigious Award



October 19, 2011

UNM La Tierra Sagrada Society Presents Annual Scholarship

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Taos’ Megan Fitzpatrick, UNM School of Medicine Class of 2014, has been awarded a $7,500 La Tierra Sagrada Society (LTSS) Scholarship for her work in public education to improve public health.

Fitzpatrick recently began a Pathology Fellowship in order to better explore the pathogenesis of disease. “I’m deepening my understanding of pathology in order to improve the quality of care that I can provide for my patients,” she asserts. “These skills are extremely important – particularly in the underserved areas where I have served and would like to continue to serve.”

Fitzpatrick hopes to become involved with the New Mexico Department of Health on projects related to children’s health and health education, and would like to develop programs that further medical training in rural areas like Taos.

The UNM School of Medicine's La Tierra Sagrada Society, Spanish for "The Sacred Earth," was established in 1996 by Paul Roth, M.D., MS, FACEP, Chancellor for Health Sciences and Dean, School of Medicine. It is a member-driven organization dedicated to medical education, research and healing.

The society focuses on bringing together members of the UNM medical community, its partners, and the public to pool membership funds for greater impact. Annually, the society funds community grants and medical student scholarships, all selected through rigorous, competitive review processes.

The Society's mission is to promote the excellence of the UNM School of Medicine within the New Mexico community and to provide financial assistance, fellowship, and volunteerism through membership. For more information on LTSS, visithttp://hsc.unm.edu/som/development/latierra.shtml.

Contact: Luke Frank, 272-3322

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