TeleECHO™ Clinic Launched for NM's Sickest

UNM launches innovative program called ECHO Care™ to improve access to primary and specialty care for patients

Project ECHO® is launching a new innovative program called ECHO Care™, which is designed to improve access to primary and specialty care for patients with complex needs while also reducing the cost of care by utilizing a multidisciplinary team-based approach.

The ECHO Care™ program will expand the capacity of primary care clinicians by assembling, training and placement of “Outpatient Intensivist Teams” (OIT) which will have the potential to dramatically improve care and reduce costs for the Medicaid beneficiaries served in this program. These teams will be based at local clinics and will be supported by Project ECHO® specialists via weekly teleECHO™ clinics, which sites will join through either video or teleconference, for case reviews and ongoing education (CME). All team members will be salaried, thus allowing them to focus on quality and outcomes of care rather than on “productivity” or fee for service interventions.

For more information,visit the Project ECHO website or clal 505/272-0260.

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