Thailand Health Officials Visit UNM to Learn About School of Medicine's Innovative Curriculum

The University of New Mexico School of Medicine has been selected to host a delegation of 30 visitors from Thailand. Representatives of Naresuan University, the Thailand Office of Medical Education Ministry of Public Health and various affiliated hospitals are scheduled to tour the UNM School of Medicine on Friday, July 20. UNM is one of four U.S. medical schools selected by the Thai delegation. The delegation will also tour the medical schools of Harvard, Johns Hopkins and Stanford.

Naresuan University, located in Phitsanulok, Thailand, is in the process of modifying its medical school curriculum. They are interested in establishing and managing a problem-based learning program and wish to learn more about modern techniques for training in rural medicine. The delegation is interested in the UNM School of Medicine because of its reputation for progressive, high-quality education, clinical care, biomedical research programs and community outreach.

UNM has proven to be an innovator as one of the first medical schools in the country to utilize a curriculum built around a case-study method. UNM's award-winning Problem-Based Learning Curriculum has become a model on how to teach future primary care physicians and has been adopted by medical schools around the world.

"All entering medical students have small-group tutorials that center around patients' illnesses and conditions. All first-year students will begin clinical experiences in their first year with the opportunity to follow the same patients over extended periods of time," said curriculum co-founder S. Scott Obenshain, M.D., associate dean of Undergraduate Education at the UNM School of Medicine.

UNM is also internationally renowned for its Rural Medicine Program. The U.S. News and World Report consistently ranked UNM's Rural Medicine Program among the top in the nation for several years.

"We are proud to share our innovative programs and honored to be in such elite company," said Paul Roth, M.D., dean of the UNM School of Medicine. "Medical schools have a special mission -- a social contract to create public goods that improve the quality of life for all people. Our alumni, faculty, students and staff have built an excellent school of medicine."

The guests will also tour UNM Hospital, with an emphasis on technologically advanced medical services and the Basic Advanced Trauma Computer-Assisted Virtual Experience facility that utilizes computerized mannequins in medical education.
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