The UNM College of Pharmacy Holds Its First Annual Pinning Ceremony

For the first time in the history of the UNM College of Pharmacy, third-year doctor of pharmacy students received a pin for the completion of the classroom phase of the doctor of pharmacy program and a welcome to the profession of pharmacy in a special ceremony.

In the Friday April 23 pinning ceremony at the Student Union Ballroom, the students were each given a specially designed UNM College of Pharmacy pin to remind them of the special responsibility of pharmacists.

According to Dr. Megan Thompson, director of student services; the fourth year of the doctor of pharmacy program, students apply what they have learned in the last 3 years in the classroom out in the field. During the fourth-year students complete a clinical rotation before graduation.

The pinning ceremony, sponsored by Albertsons/ Sav-on and the Papiani Giving Circle, welcomed students to the profession but reminded the students that the learning does not end after their classroom training. "I learn something new every time I am out in the field," said Michel Disco, RPh, MBA, dean of external programs. "The people who will teach you the most are the patients."

Disco also wants the students to know that what they are going into is more than a job. These students have special skills and knowledge and as pharmacists they can improve the quality of life for patients. She added that the students should also get involved and give back to the profession because that is how the profession grows. "You can make a difference in how pharmacy is preformed," she told the students.

The students were pinned by the Dean of the College of Pharmacy, Dr. John A. Pieper, and took the Pharmacy Student's Oath of Professionalism. There are 69 third-year doctor of pharmacy students at the College of Pharmacy.

The mission of the college is to develop innovative leaders in pharmaceutical care and research who enhance the quality of life for the people of New Mexico. For more information on the UNM College of Pharmacy, please visit

Contact: Angela Heisel, 272-3322

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