U.S. Senator Pete Domenici Receives National Honor for 30 Year History of Working to Improve Healthcare

 U.S. Senator Pete Domenici will be honored by the American Medical Association on Tuesday, February 11, during the 15th annual presentation of the Dr. Nathan Davis Awards for Outstanding Government Service in Washington, D.C.   UNM Health Sciences Center Vice President Dr. Phil Eaton, along with former Health Sciences Center Vice President Dr. Jane Henney, nominated Domenici for the award.  Eaton will attend the Washington ceremony that will also include leaders of health care organizations, administration officials and members of Congress.<p>

Other recipients of this year's Nathan Davis Award for Outstanding Government Service include Governor George E. Pataki (R-NY); U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy G. Thompson and U.S. Representative James C. Creenwood (R-PA).  The award, named for the founding father of the AMA, recognizes elected and career officials in federal, state and municipal service whose outstanding contributions have promoted the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health.<p>

"Senator Pete Domenici has shown extraordinary commitment and tenaciousness when it comes to advancing the public health and the art and science of medicine," wrote Eaton in his nominating letter.  "From his first efforts some thirty years ago to shed a realistic and compassionate light on mental illness to his more recent forays into the public arena to co-sponsor legislation to increase the number of nurses in the United States, Pete Domenici has been one of the United States Senate's most ardent proponents of health services, medical research, and insurance parity."<p>

Eaton pointed out that Domenici's efforts on behalf of the state of New Mexico helped to develop the medical school into an institution with an international reputation.  He has also been instrumental in ensuring the strong and growing nursing and pharmacy programs, rural outreach programs throughout New Mexico and medical research programs that have doubled in size in the past five years.<p>

"Few, if any, United States Senators can boast of the commitment to mental health services that Senator Domenici has demonstrated over the course of his 30-year tenure in Congress," wrote Henney in her nominating letter.  "Senator Domenici has never wavered in his passion to see that the best and most comprehensive mental health services are accessible to every American and that insurance coverage for those services is equal to that received for any other health care need.  The path to ensuring available services and insurance coverage has often been a rocky one and frequently almost insurmountable, but the Senator has consistently persevered.  His dedication to the improved quality of life for all Americans is truly inspirational."<p>

Eaton concurred in those thoughts, stating, "Senator Domenici's dedication to the public health and to medical science include not only the commitment to stay the course to ensure the government's support for new and better programs but also encompasses a vision of what the public health of this country can be." 












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