Union Members Ratify Agreement with UNM Hospitals

July 13, 2005

Contact: Sam Giammo, 272-3322


Members of National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees District 1199 voted on July 12 to ratify the agreement reached on July 6 between the union and UNM Hospitals. The contract agreement includes:

· A two-year contract with a provision to reopen wages negotiations in 2006.

· A general wage increase of 3.5 percent for employees at Step 6 of the wage scale and above. Those who are above the maximum of the new scale may receive all or part of their increase in the form of a bonus.

· A variable raise for all registered nurses who are currently below Step 4 and an agreement to hire new registered nurses at Step 4.

· An increase in weekday night shift premium from 15 to 17 percent.

· Changes to the On Call Pay as follows:

o Employees who are scheduled "on-call" past their regular shift and who work past the end of their shift will receive double time for the time worked, but will not be entitled to the minimum two hours of double time.

o Employees on "on-call" status who perform work at locations other than UNMH properties shall receive double time for the time worked, but shall not be entitled to the minimum two hours of double time.

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