UNM CH Wayfinding Icon Sponsorships Available

February 21, 2007

Contact: Lyn Kehoe (505) 272-9823


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Hospitals tend to be difficult places to navigate, not only because the floor plans are often complex, but also because people who are visiting them have other issues on their minds: concerns about sick or injured family members, anxieties about surgical procedures and medical tests, or fears about what may lie ahead. At these stressful times, visitors need clear directions and signs to help find their way.

Patients and visitors to UNM Hospitals’ new UNM Children’s Hospital Barbara & Bill Richardson Pavilion will have less of a problem navigating through the building - thanks to clear, vibrant "wayfinding" icons that tap into New Mexico’s rich cultural heritage. These colorful icons clearly direct a visitor’s path through the Pavilion - and represent the journey through life itself.

Replicas of the wayfinding icons are being offered to the community as a fundraiser for UNM Children’s Hospital. These icons will be placed permanently on walls near the elevators in plain view for visitors.

Anyone who would like to be a part of this unique fundraiser for the hospital is invited to purchase one or more of these icons. Contributions may be recognized by naming each icon. Those interested in this unique giving opportunity are urged to visithttp://hospitals.unm.edu/BBRPavilion/Icons.shtml

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