UNM Children's Hospital Installs Nellcor OxiMax Non-Invasive Pulse Oximetry System


The UNM Children's Hospital has teamed up in a cooperative effort with Nellcor, to install a new pulse oximetry monitoring system.


UNM Children's Hospital installed the NellcorÒ OxiMaxÒ Pulse Oximetry System and Nellcor OxinetÒ II Central Station Network as a non-invasive way to monitor pediatric blood oxygen levels.  Sensors, that are embedded with a digital memory chip, are placed on the patient's fingers, rather than the use of needles or other invasive procedures.  These "smart" sensors provide for a wider range of capabilities and technologies, such as the ability to respond to changes in the blood oxygen levels.  Erin Doles, Executive Director for UNM Children's Services said, "What this has done is increase the comfort level of nurses and families when a patient is on the monitor.  We were previously unable to continuously monitor patients on the general care floor of the Children's Acute Care Unit, due to the inability to hear bedside alarms.  Patients who required continuous pulse oximetry monitoring had to be places in the step down unit, even if they did not require an acute level of care."


The OxiMax System is the first pulse oximetry system of its kind, allowing the monitor and sensors to "talk" to each other.  Since the OxiMax System incorporates advanced digital signal processing into both the sensors and the monitors, it is able to read through difficult conditions, such as motion combined with low perfusion.  As a result, clinicians are able to respond to adverse events in a more timely manner.


Nellcor is dedicated to developing innovative, clinically relevant medical products with an emphasis on non-invasive patient safety monitoring and respiratory care.  Nellcor is the world's foremost supplier of pulse oximetry, fetal pulse oximetry and airway management products.  Known for the highest standards of quality and reliability, Nellcor products contribute to patient care in every type of healthcare setting.


UNM Children's Hospital serves more than 50,000 New Mexico children every year.  The hospital offers the most comprehensive care for children, available in New Mexico, and has the highest level of intensive care for children suffering from an illness or injury.  Pediatric physicians specialize in many areas, including pediatric surgery, neonatology, oncology, cardiology, pulmonary and much more.


Contact: Jennifer Riordan, 272-3322

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