UNM College of Nursing Receives Grant to Help Improve New Mexico's Immunization Rate

Brigid Isworth, 272-3690

The New Mexico Immunization Coalition (NMIC) recently awarded the University of New Mexico College of Nursing a grant of $451 as part of its effort to increase child immunization in New Mexico.

            James Stapleton of the UNM College of Nursing said the grant will go toward the costs of advertising for the college's "Shots-for-Tots-to-Teens" immunization clinics. "We have children who are identified as being behind with their shots, so we make sure to hand out fliers to them," Stapleton said.

NMIC Executive Director Anne Levy said that most parents keep their child's vaccinations up to date until the child's first birthday. After that, however, parents often fall behind, failing to follow the child's vaccine schedule until the child is five. "During that time, children who are not up to date on their shots are vulnerable for diseases," Levy said.

Children identified as needing a series of shots also are targeted by the College staff, and their parents are given information about the importance of the vaccination schedule, Stapleton said. 

            According to the NMIC, the purpose of the grants, available to all state health care providers, is to "support the development and enhancement of local immunization coalitions, to raise awareness, and to increase immunization rates through local events, educational projects, and promotional materials."           

            This is the first year the UNM College of Nursing will hold the Shots-for-Tots-to-Teens clinic, which is free to any New Mexico child. The clinic will run July 31 at the Los Griegos Community Center.

            As a recipient of the NMIC mini-grant program, the UNM College of Nursing once again proves its dedication to providing quality health care to the community of Albuquerque and New Mexico.

Contact: Angela Heisel, 272-3322

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