UNM CRTC Employee Honored by American Cancer Society

Christine Forsythye, UNM Cancer Research & Treatment Center (CRTC), was given the American Cancer Society Sunrise Award for New Mexico General Volunteer 2004 at an awards ceremony November 19, 2004.  

Forsythe is the coordinator for the "Look Good, Feel Better" program at the UNM CRTC. She is what colleagues call the "make it happen lady." Not only does she run the program designed to help women with cancer adjust to having wear wigs or hats and more make-up, but she goes into the community to get donations for wigs, hats and make-up so the women can don't have to worry about getting these things themselves.

Also, awarded with the Sunrise Award for the New Mexico Licensed Cosmetologist 2004 was Monica Bauer. She is the certified area trainer for New Mexico. Bauer and Forsythe work closely together at the UNM CRTC to help the women with cancer feel better.

The two "Look Good, Feel Good" sessions put on at the UNM CRTC touch the largest number of "Look Good, Feel Better" clients in the state.

For more information on the "Look Good, Feel Better" program at the UNM CRTC call 272-4553.

Contact: Angela Heisel, 272-3322

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