UNM Department of Dermatology Will Honor Local Dermatologist

The Department of Dermatology and University Hospital Dermatology clinic moved to 1021 Medical Arts Avenue in September 2000. The building has since been referred to as the "Stagnone Building", to recognize Stagnone's generosity.

Stagnone, his partners and an architect designed and planned the building to meet the specific requirements of a dermatology clinic in 1972. In 2000, Stagnone donated one-half of the building to the School of Medicine, and UNM bought the remaining half of the building.

"It gives me great pleasure to donate this building to UNM and to the institute of learning that my family and I hold dearest to our hearts," said Stagnone in a previous interview. "I am especially proud that the building houses the Department of Dermatology at the UNM School of Medicine." 

The UNM Department of Dermatology strives to provide superior clinical care to dermatology patients; to train and educate clinical scholars, including residents, medical students, and on-going continuing medical education; to conduct research to promote greater understanding of the field of dermatology; and to promote academic excellence in all of the department's endeavors whether they are clinical, educational, research, or administrative.


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