UNM Division of Dental Hygiene Opening New Clinic

The University of New Mexico Division of Dental Hygiene, which operates three school-based dental clinics serving four middle schools - Van Buren, Wilson, Native American Community Academy and Grant - is opening a new clinic at the cluster high school this month at Highland High School.   

Although New Mexican school children receive dental care via mobile dental programs throughout the state, UNM initiated the first school-based permanent dental clinic with the help of Delta Dental of New Mexico. 

Presently, the UNM School Based Health Centers (SBHC), in conjunction with the UNM Division of Dental Hygiene, operates dental clinics providing preventive services in coordination with the nearby UNM Southeast Heights Dental Clinic.  

That clinic also offers additional restorative services while simultaneously exposing UNM dental hygiene students to a school-based clinic setting. The SBHC dental program provides students with dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, sealants, individualized and classroom oral health education, dental exams and referrals for needed treatment.  Each dental hygienist works with parents, teachers and dentists to ensure optimal dental health for all students.

The UNM School Based Health Center, in cooperation with the Division of Dental Hygiene, maintains a coordinated group of licensed dental providers to ensure access of quality oral health care to students attending Van Buren Middle School and Highland High School. This program is established to improve the overall health of Van Buren Middle School and Highland High School students by striving to meet established program goals. Program Goals include: 

  Patient Care through providing comprehensive dental hygiene assessment, treatment, and subsequent referrals;

Education of the significance of high-quality personal oral hygiene, proper diet and nutrition, diagnoses and maintenance of systemic diseases, and avoidance of addiction forming substances in order to maintain a state of health; 

Oral Hygiene Instruction;
Increase Access to Dental Care;
Raise the overall number of students that seek and receive preventive dental hygiene care by providing an environment that is readily available on site within the school setting;
Generate non-traditional practice settings that provide high quality oral health care;
Promote Oral Health Needs of Children.
Contact Christine Nathe, Clinic Director at cnathe@salud.unm.edu or 269-8406 for more info on our clinics.

Contact: Cindy Foster, 272-3322

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