UNM Emergency Docs Called to Los Alamos



June 28, 2011

EMS Consortium to Provide Frontline Emergency Support

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – UNM’s EMS Medical Consortium formed less than a year ago has been called upon for emergency medical support to responders and others involved with the Las Conchas fire in Los Alamos, NM. Emergency medical physicians from the UNM School of Medicine’s Emergency Department – with support from area nurses, physician assistants and occupational therapists – will take 12-hour shifts in the Los Alamos Medical Center as part of the state Emergency Operations Center at the request of New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez.

“We are prepared to handle any type of injuries or trauma associated with fire fighting operations,” says Andrew Harrell, M.D., UNM Emergency Medical Services faculty. “This is a state-level resource recently developed by UNM’s Department of Emergency Medicine exactly for such an incident as the Las Conchas Fire, and part of our mission to provide medical services to those in need statewide in New Mexico.”

The UNM EMS Consortium was organized to provide on-call medical direction and field response 24 hours a day, among other services. This relatively new field-response program through the consortium enables UNM emergency medicine physicians to assist partnering EMS agencies in the field with complicated clinical cases, mass-casualty incidents, education and quality assurance.

“Every emergency situation is unique, so emergency medical responders face an enormous range of challenges in the field – and not all medical,” offers Darren Braude, M.D., consortium coordinator and EMS Fellowship director. “The UNM EMS Medical Direction Consortium is a great system for pooling resources, knowledge and expertise to assist our frontline responders. These folks are very well-trained and experienced, and rarely need our help. But when they do, we want to be there – in person.” For more information on UNM’s EMS Academy, please visithttp://hsc.unm.edu/som/emsacad/.

Contact: Luke Frank, 272-3322

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