A real-time medication monitor prototype A real-time medication monitor prototype
Credit: Furhana Afrid

UNM College of Pharmacy develops wireless medication monitor

The University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy is developing a wireless medication monitor that provides real-time alerts to remind patients to take their medications.

When patients forget to take their medications at the prescribed time a reminder is sent to their smartphones, according to Jason McConville, PhD, creator of the monitor and associate professor at the college. "The main goal I hope to accomplish is that the patients themselves benefit in terms of their health outcomes."

To build the prototype, 3-D printers make a case for a wireless chip and also print ink on a medication blister pack. The wirless chip, that is attached to the blister pack, sends a signal when medication is taken or not taken at the required time. "The push is to make it unnoticeable to the patients " says McConville. "The whole idea is to simplify the system so it's very easy to use."

The college is collaborating with pharmaceuticals distributor ASD Healthcare to develop the monitor, which will be tested by patients in a clinical trial in the next few months. 


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