UNM Hospital's Children's Psychiatric Center Presents Annual Angel Award to Monica Moya


 Area Director for CPC, Maggie McCowen said, "This year, we selected Monica Moya to receive the Angel Award.  Monica inspires us all at CPC.  For over 20 years, as a mental health technician and mental health associate, Monica's smile has been unfailing, and her encouragement for all of us to be positive and professional is consistent."


Moya was chosen to receive the award by CPC administration for her dedication not only through her professional duties, but through her activism in keeping bulletin boards with CPC activities, in addition she keeps a scrapbook of the school, and shows up with a small treat when someone is down.       


The Angel Award is named after Angel Jimenez, a CPC administrative office coordinator, who left UNM to take a position in the private sector. 


"Angel had been the heart of the team spirit and enthusiasm at CPC, and I initiated the CPC Angel Award in her honor to really thank her for what she had done," said McCowen. 


The recipient of the award is someone who demonstrates care, as well as excellence in support for fellow employees, professionalism in getting the job done right with high ethical standards, and enthusiasm in overcoming barriers on the job.


UNM Children's Psychiatric Center (CPC) provides intensive psychiatric treatment to children and adolescents through the age of 17, without regard to the family's financial resources. Care, including acute inpatient, residential and partial (day) hospital, is provided in various settings on the CPC campus.  CPC is the only such facility in New Mexico.




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