UNM Hospitals and Health Care Local Union 2166 Came to Rapid Wage Negotiation Agreement


In a time where it is not uncommon for labor unions and companies to not see eye to eye on labor issues, the Mountain West Regional Council of Carpenters United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America Health Care Local Union 2166 and UNM Hospitals (UNMH) came to a quick resolution regarding employee benefits and wages.

The union and UNMH management strongly support the partnership efforts put forth and have confidence that the commitment to communicate openly and honestly in a professional manner will change the nature of labor management relations. Managers, employees and union representatives continue to serve as partners in designing and implementing changes to achieve common goals.

"We are excited to have this mutually beneficial partnership with Union 2166, which will lead to better conditions for employees and eventually lead to better service hospitals customers," said Iris Cowles, UNMH Employee Labor Relations Director. 

Bill Browne, Union 2166's business agent, said that they are proud to have wrapped up their negotiations rapidly.  " Hopefully we will be a labor-management relations model for others and can create a better work place through a cooperative approach," Browne said.

In addition to singing the contract, Health Care Local Union 2166 is donating $100 to the UNM Children's Hospital. UNM Children's Hospital serves more than 50,000 New Mexico children every year. 

The Health Care Local Union 2166 represents 1,132 UNMH employees, who are mostly in the technical and support staff, including admitting representatives, food service aides, medical assistants, technicians, clerks and maintenance specialists. 

Contact: Jennifer Riordan, 272-3322

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