UNM Leads U.S. Contingency to International Indigenous Health Meetings

The conference, held October 3-6 in Townsville, Queensland, Australia, is an international meeting to share experiences, approaches and results of policies and strategies that have impacted indigenous health around the world. The U.S. is joining representatives from Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

"The four countries in attendance this year share the experience of colonization of our respective indigenous populations," Dine-Chacon says, "and these colonized populations share the same disparities in health, education and socioeconomic conditions. What we hope to do is link experiences, knowledge, research and strategies to build a foundation for effective health services for indigenous, or native, populations."

Dine-Chacon will be presenting and discussing health service models and delivery systems for indigenous populations, while Duran will offer her expertise on prioritizing and strengthening research in indigenous health.

In addition to UNM's presence, the U.S. contingency has representatives from the Cherokee Nation, the Navajo Nation, the New Mexico Department of Health, the University of Washington, the Great Lakes Epidemiology Center, National Indian Health Services and others.

Following the four-day conference, Drs. Dine-Chacon and Duran will be joined by UNM's Dr. Cleora Shunkamolah and Carol Nez to present their research, along with the work of the UNM Center for Native American Health, at the annual meeting of "The Network: Towards Unity for Health" in New South Wales. The Network is a World Health Organization affiliate. They will present with aboriginal health colleagues from Australia and Indian Health Colleagues from the Amazon region of Brazil.

Funding for the U.S. group's attendance at the two conferences comes from the National Institutes of Health, as well as the UNM Center for Community Partnerships and the UNM Native American Centers of Excellence, both of which are UNM School of Medicine programs. For more information on the conferences, contact Dr. Arthur Kaufman, Department of Family & Community Medicine Chair and Professor, at 272-2165.

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