UNM Masters in Public Health Program Receives Accreditation Renewal

The University of New Mexico Masters in Public Health Program was recently surveyed by the Council on Education for Public Health and earned a full accreditation for seven years. The program, which began with a class of 12 in 1994 and today has 113 students, was recognized by the Council for a number of strengths. They included the diversity of the student body, flexibility of the program to meet student needs, the shared governance of the Program which provides a voice for its constituents, the strong support it holds from legislature and other outside entities, its outreach component which serves the educational needs of the public health workforce and its solid evaluation framework. "From the beginning," says Nina Wallerstein, Dr.P.H., associate professor and director of the Masters in Public Health Program, Department of Family and Community Medicine, "the aim was always to create and sustain a program that mirrored New Mexico's diversity in students and faculty while ensuring that it had the flexibility to forge partnerships throughout the region that meets public health needs." "From the beginning we've attracted a large number of working health professionals within the state," said Wallerstein, who adds that, on average, almost half 46 percent of the students are listed as non-degree students. "It is a program that takes pride in providing working professionals with skills that can enable them to do their current jobs better," she said. Current research projects being carried out by faculty and students concentrate on a number of issues that directly affect the health needs of the state. Some of the topics include research on breast and cervical cancer screening rates; teen pregnancy prevention, reducing intimate partner violence; and monitoring uranium mill workers.
Contact: Cindy Foster, 272-3322

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