Match Day 2014 Match Day 2014
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UNM med students to participate in 'Match Day'

Medical students at UNM’s Health Sciences Center will gather Friday, March 18 for the all-important tradition of Match Day – the moment where medical students across the country simultaneously discover where they will be spending their medical residences.

In the U.S., graduating medical students apply to the graduate programs of their choice in the months leading up to Match Day. They will learn whether they are “matched” – or accepted – to the schools of their choice at 11 a.m. (MDT).

This year, 105 medical students graduating from UNM, their families and friends, will begin gathering at 10:15 a.m. at the UNM Student Union Ballrooms for the event.  

They will be welcomed by Sheila Hickey, MD, associate dean of students, and Paul Roth, MD, executive vice president and chancellor for health sciences and dean of the School of Medicine.  Hickey will release the results shortly before 11 a.m. Media are invited to attend.

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