UNM Medical Director Receives Practicing Physician Award

May 26, 2004

Contact: Jennifer Riordan, 272-0261 office, 220-0702 cell


Paul C. Magarelli, M.D., Ph.D., medical director of Reproductive Medicine and Fertility Center, recently won the Practicing Physician Award from the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society. Magarelli received the award at the Society's annual meeting in Palm Springs, CA this month.

The Practicing Physician Award recognizes outstanding research by a practicing private physician. Magarelli shared this award with Dr. Diane Cridennda, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, for their prize-winning paper, "Acupuncture and IVF Poor Responders: A Cure?"

The success rate of infertility treatment has been continuously rising. Magarelli studied 147 consecutive patients who underwent In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) care. He confirmed other investigators' research identifying that acupuncture helps achieve higher pregnancy rates. However, Magarelli was the first researcher to identify that under the correct application acupuncture could decrease risk in high-risk candidates, enabling them to achieve normal risk results. Furthermore, acupuncture reduced the number of ectopic pregnancies and, most importantly, increased the birth rate.

"Our goal of one healthy baby for anyone desiring a family is becoming more of a reality everyday," says Magarelli. "That is why I have created a consortium of acupuncture physicians who provide a high quality of care according to a detailed protocol."

For more information about IVF or IVF and acupuncture, contact Reproductive Medicine and Fertility Center at UNM by calling (505) 272-3886.

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