UNM Medical Group Opens UNM Vein Center

The UNM Medical Group is pleased to announce the opening of the new UNM Vein Center located on the corner of Wyoming and San Antonio Drive in the Cherry Hills Shopping Center, Suite A-3.Dr. Kristen L. Biggs will be serving as the Medical Director for the Vein Center.
Services will include assessment and treatment of patients suffering from varicose veins and other related venous disorders. Physician consultation, on-site venous duplex ultrasound for diagnostic purposes, endovenous laser ablation, radiofrequency ablation, microphlebectomy, sclerotherapy, and laser treatment of spider veins will be offered at the UNM Vein Center. Non-physician services performed will include nurse-driven consultations, sclerotherapy, and post-procedure follow up visits. Free vein screenings will be offered regularly. Consultation requests and/or questions about the UNM Vein Center can be directed to 272-VEIN, or 272-8346. Or visit the Vein Center web site at http://www.UNMVeinCenter.org

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