UNM Medical Students Participate in "Match Day"

Fourth year medical students at UNM recently joined thousands of other medical students across the country in finding out where they would be spending the next phase of their medical training.

Each year, approximately 33,000 applicants compete for approximately 24,000 available residency positions. The match is determined by the National Resident Matching Program, which coordinates matching medical students with residency programs. Fourth year medical students and residency programs must complete a residency application and interview process. Once this is complete, students rank their top residency preferences and the residency programs rank the students. The Match is then determined.

This year at UNM, 41 percent of students matched into primary care specialties (Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and/or Pediatrics.) As important to New Mexico, 42 percent of the students matched to residencies at UNM in a variety of specialties and will continue their training within the state.

Two thirds of the class completed a card indicating whether they did or did not match to one of their top three choices; of those students, 59 percent matched to one of their top three choices.

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