UNM Medical Students Receive Their Residency "Matches"






On Thursday, March 20, the 73 students in the UNM School of Medicine's class of 2002 took part in  "Match Day"  a major event in determining their futures as physicians.  Of those students, 41 percent matched in primary care fields and 27 percent will be remaining at UNM for their residencies.

Earlier this year, the students submitted their top ten residency choices to the American Association of Medical Colleges, which coordinates matching students with residency programs. The match can have a strong influence on a student's future as a physician, and there is no guarantee the assigned residency will match a student's preferences.


In the overall UNM Match the statistics were*:


                        Primary Care (IM, Peds, FP)  41%

Obstetrics/Gynecology              4%

Surgical Fields                           23%

Others                                         32%


            UNM/NM                               27%

            Bordering states                  37%

            Eastern/Central states         36%


It should be noted that the total number is 73 and includes some graduates from December 2002 who participated in the match.
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