UNM Native American Diabetes Program receives $1-Million National Institutes of Health Grant Focusing on Preventing Diabetes in Native American Women

The Native American Diabetes Program (NADP), located within the Internal Medicine Department at the University of New Mexico, recently was awarded a $1 million National Institutes of Health research grant for a five-year study to focus on diabetes prevention and education of Native American women.

The new research study, called Sharing Wisdom, is scheduled to begin in the early 2002. The five﷓year study will be focused on diabetes prevention/education for Native American women. The Sharing Wisdom program will include fun learning activities for the women with their children with the philosophy being that having a family develop better nutrition and health practices will prevent diabetes for future generations as well in the present. The late Janette Carter, M.D. conceived the idea for this project. Principal Investigators are Carla Herman, M.D. and Dorothy Gohdes, M.D. Janice Thompson, Ph.D. who is also interim director of NADP, will direct the project. Other pertinent staff members are Georgia Perez and Marla N. Pardilla, M.PH., who are already working with Native American communities to prevent diabetes.

The NADP will be recruiting Native American women ages 18﷓40 to participate in the program. There will be a total of 200 Native American women selected over a period of three years. These women will be randomized into two groups, an active group and a non﷓active group. There will be a money incentive for those women who are selected for the study. The intervention will be a healthy lifestyle education program. All participants will be measured at the General Research Center at UNM Hospital, and the active group will be enrolled in a program for six months with one meeting per month.

For more information, call the Native American Diabetes Program at the University of New Mexico, located at 1720 Louisiana Blvd., Suite 312 by calling (505)-272-8465 or emailing: Jthompson@salud.unm.edu; Nahmabin@unm.edu; Gperez@qwest.net.

Contact: Cindy Foster, 272-3322

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