Running Medicine team members Running Medicine team members

UNM Native Health Initiative's Running Medicine kicks off March 11

Imagine a health and wellness program filled with laughter, fun, culture...a place where everyone comes to walk or run at their own speed, pushing toward their personal goals.

Running Medicine has become that place for many families here in Albuquerque. Launched in March 2016, Running Medicine is based on the understanding that running and exercise is a beautiful and potent medicine for mind, body, and spirit. Formed as a program of The University of New Mexico Native Health Initiative, our vision is to create a culture of wellness through a supportive, loving community.

Anthony Fleg, assistant professor in Family and Community Medicine, has directed the program since its inception. "I have been impressed with the way that our community has supported this program, and it has grown through a lot of love, a lot of individuals and families dedicating themselves to building a community that supports each person to be their best."

The spring season kicks off this Saturday, 9am at the UNM North Golf Course (on the north side of the UNM Law School) and will include three meetings a week - Tues and Thurs evenings at 6pm and Saturday mornings at 9am. 

Locations will vary so please contact Running Medicine (, (505) 340-5658) if you want more information and to be added to their listserv.

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