UNM Obesity Symposium Focusing on Communities

“Challenging Obesity: Strategies and Resources for Our Communities: will be the theme of the Fifth Annual UNM Obesity Symposium being held on Friday at the Hilton Hotel.

Keynote speakers will include Holly Wyatt, M.D., associate professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado which operates the National Weight Control Registry research study. Wyatt has been the National Program Director for the Centers for Obesity Research and Education (C.O.R.E.) since 1999. The registry tracks people who have successfully lost 30 pounds and maintained that weight lost for at least one year.

Wyatt’s talk, “Learning from the Losers: New Findings from the National Weight Control Registry” will be the plenary keynote lecture at 8:30 a.m.

James Levine, M.D. Ph.D., Professor of Medicine at the Mayo Clinic, will also deliver a plenary keynote lecture, “Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis: Liberating the Life Force” at 1 p.m. Dr. Levine’s talk will focus on the naturally-occurring activity differences found between obese and lean individuals, and the potential health impact of fidgeting (!)

The conference will highlight the full spectrum of obesity prevention and treatment services available in New Mexico as well as discuss the latest obesity research with a special emphasis on weight maintenance and exercise strategies and patient motivation strategies for maintaining weight loss.

The conference is intended for physicians, psychologists , counselors; nurse practitioners, nurses, and physician assistants in primary care; dieticians; public health specialists; school nurses and other care providers in school-based health programs; medical, nursing, nutrition and pharmacy students; and anyone with an interest in obesity prevention and treatment.

The conference is presented by the New Mexico Department of Health; Institute for Public Health; Office of Continuing Medical Education and the UNM Health Sciences Center School of Medicine.

For more information, visit the website at http://hsc.unm.edu/cme.

Contact: Cindy Foster, 272-3322

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