UNM Occupational Therapy Program Has 100 Percent Pass Rate

The UNM Occupational Therapy Program recently announced a 100% pass rate for OT graduates on the 2001 National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy Examination. (NBCOT). The national average for passing on the first try was 89%.

The graduates scored well above the national average in every content category. Graduates' average scores were exceptionally high in the areas of needs assessment, identification and design of interventions, the nature of occupation, and the responsibilities as an occupational therapist. In addition, this class's average graduating GPA was B+ (3.66). A twenty one % of the class earned GPA's of 4.0 and above.

This certification examination measures the knowledge and skills necessary for entry-level practice. Successful completion of this examination gives graduates a license to practice occupational therapy. A majority of this class (87%) are now licensed and beginning their career in New Mexico.

Contact: Cindy Foster, 272-3322

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