UNM Professor Receives Prestigious Japanese Cancer Research Award

Jesse Summers, Ph.D., a professor of molecular genetics & microbiology in the UNM School of Medicine and UNM Cancer Research & Treatment Center, has received the Prince Hitachi Prize for Comparative Oncology.

The award recognizes Summers' work with the woodchuck hepatitis virus and the duck hepatitis B virus. He will receive his prize at a presentation ceremony in Tokyo on May 27, in the presence of Prince and Princess Hitachi of Japan.


Prince Hitachi, brother of Japan's reigning Emperor Akihito, is a cancer researcher and author of more than 90 scientific articles. The Prince Hitachi Prize for Comparative Oncology was created in 1995 by the Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research in honor of Hitachi's 60th birthday.


The prize consists of a certificate of merit, along with a medal, memorial and a monetary award.


Summers, who joined UNM in 1988, also will make a short presentation about his work at the ceremony.

Contact: Lynn Melton, 272-3322

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