UNM Regents Approve New HSC Governing Structure

System to Integrate, Accelerate Strategic Decisions

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Today, the UNM Board of Regents approved a proposal to change the way that they provide oversight to the UNM Health Sciences Center (HSC).The proposal, presented by Paul Roth, M.D., UNM executive vice president for Health Sciences, establishes a new system of governance for the HSC.

Under the arrangement, an HSC Board will be appointed to replace the Regent Health Sciences Committee. This HSC Board will be under the authority of – and report directly to – the UNM Regents. By consolidating the approval process, the HSC will operate more efficiently in advancing timely issues pertaining to its clinical, academic and research missions.

The new structure will rename the existing Executive Vice President of Health Sciences as Chancellor, who will report directly to the UNM President relating to major HSC strategic decisions and planning. The Chancellor will be accountable to the HSC Board and the UNM Regents. The role of the executive vice president will not change in its current scope of responsibilities.

This simplified, streamlined structure will create the UNM Health System to increase organizational efficiencies, better integrate the Health Sciences Center organization, and assure balance between the system’s academic an clinical missions. The UNM Health System will not affect HSC daily operations, its faculty academic or research missions; nor its relationships with Main Campus or its faculty.

“UNM’s Health Sciences Center has expanded rapidly over the past decade,” Roth explains. “Both our faculty numbers and our research enterprise have grown significantly, but we’re still operating under the structure we’ve had for the past 16 years. This new governing structure will enable us to be a more efficient operation moving forward in support of our faculty and staff, and our health missions in New Mexico.”
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