UNM School of Medicine Honors Endowed Chairs and Professors at Endowments Recognition Dinner

The inaugural 2004 Endowment Dinner is the first time professorships and chairs will be formally named at dinner. The professorships and chairs were decided upon by current chairs and deans and will be awarded funding for their position. As the Endowment Dinner becomes an annual event, the professorships and chairs will be awarded based on a committee selection process.

The doctors who receive professorships will be granted $25,000 and the recipients of chairs and endowments will be granted $125,000.  This funding will be used for salary support and/ or research within their department.

Jorge A. Wernly, M.D., will receive the W. Sterling Edwards Professorship for the Division of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery.  Wernly is a tenured Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics at UNM and has been the Chief of the Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery since 1988.  He is currently the interim Chair of the Department of Surgery.  He is board certified in both General and Thoracic Surgery and performs adult cardiac and thoracic surgery. His areas of specialty include pulmonary artery hypertension, Fontan physiology, circulatory support and neonatal surgery.

The W. Sterling Edwards Professorship was established in 1996 by W. Sterling Edwards, M.D.  Edwards was a surgeon at the UNM School of Medicine and created the Professorship with the royalties he received from a surgical clip developed during his tenure as Chairman of Surgery.

Mary Lipscomb, M.D., will receive the Fred Harvey Memorial Fund for the Department of Pathology. Lipscomb is the Department of Pathology Chair. She received a Fellow in Infectious Diseases from L.S.U. School of Medicine. Her main research focus is the pulmonary immune regulation in infection and asthma.

The Frederick H. Harvey Endowed Professorship of Pathology was established in 1982. The original donation to fund the Professorship was made by the estate of Fred Harvey.  The Professorship was created to honor Harvey as well as aid future research in pathology.

Moheb Moneim, M.D., will receive the Omer Endowed Professorship for the Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation. Moneim is a professor and chairman for the department. He is also the Chief of the Division of Hand Surgery. Moneim received his Fellowship in hand surgery at the Cornell University, Hospital for Special Surgery.

The George E. Omer, Jr., M.D., Professorship in Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation was established in 1992. Omer donated the original funds to the Professorship in hopes of encouraging outstanding teaching and research in the field of orthopaedics.

Samuel Keith, M.D., will receive the Milton Rosenbaum Endowment for the Department of Psychiatry. Keith is the Chairman for the department as well as a professor. He specializes in schizophrenia, depression, anxiety disorder and panic. Keith was the recipient of the Arthur P. Noyes Award in Schizophrenia Research in 2001.

The Milton Rosenbaum Endowment for the Department of Psychiatry was established in 1999. The Endowment was created by Rosenbaum to fund future research in psychiatry and psychosociology.

Anne Simpson, M.D., will receive the Jack and Donna Rust Professorship in Biomedical Ethics. Simpson is the Chair of the Biomedical Ethics Committee at the University of New Mexico Hospital and Medical Director for Manzano Del Sol Long Term Care Facility.  She also is the Co-Facilitator of the Service Core of the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Institute for Ethics.

Jack and Donna Rust of Albuquerque donated funds to establish the Rust Endowed Professorship in Biomedical Ethics at UNM School of Medicine, Institute of Ethics . The Institute was established in 2001 on the Health Sciences Center Campus.

William F. Rayburn, M.D., will receive the Randolph Seligman Professorship for the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  Rayburn is a professor and chairman at the University of New Mexico Hospital Department of OB/GYN. He is board certified in OB/GYN and Maternal-Fetal Medicine.  His areas of expertise are Preventive Care, Obstetrics and Complicated Pregnancies and Maternal Fetal Medicine.

The Randolph Seligman Professorship in Obstetrics and Gynecology was established in 1999. The Professorship honors Dr. Seligman and his wife for their commitment to the community.  The professorship is intended to provide support for research in women's healthcare and for medical students pursuing careers in obstetrics and gynecology.

David Sklar, M.D., will receive the George Key Endowment for the Department of Emergency Medicine. Sklar is a professor and chair for the Department of Emergency Medicine. He is also the Senior Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs and Medical Director for the Center for Injury Prevention Education and Research. 

The George F. Key, M.D., Endowed Professorship was established in 1999. The Professorship is intended for a faculty professor for emergency medicine.

The recipient of the Flinn Foundation Chair will be announced in 2004.  The Robert S. Flinn Foundation Chair of Adult Cardiology was established in 1987. The Flinn Foundation Chair is intended for a Research Clinician or scientist in the cardiovascular field.

The University of New Mexico School of Medicine was established in 1961 and admitted its first class in 1964. Currently 75 students are admitted yearly to the first year class including three M.D./Ph.D. students. The medical school is located on the north campus of The University of New Mexico which allows students and faculty easy access to the educational, recreational, and cultural offerings of the university.


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