UNM School of Medicine Radiology Resident Writes Two Books

Dr. Jeffrey Houston, a fifth-year radiology resident at the UNM School of Medicine, has authored and published Fundamentals of Fluoroscopy, a comprehensive book on medical fluoroscopy. The book was co-authored by Dr. Michael Davis, a past chief of gastrointestinal radiology and five other members of the UNM Department of Radiology.

Fluoroscopy is a radiologic imaging procedure that uses x-rays and contrast agents to produce images that allow physicians to search for and evaluate diseases.

The 212-page book provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for performing all types of fluoroscopic examinations. Discussions of the recommended patient preparation, required supplies, estimated radiation dosage and relevant radiologic anatomy accompany each procedure.

"Fundamentals of Fluoroscopy describes both routine and uncommon procedures and is designed for all levels of expertise," said Houston. "There is no other book on the market that is a single reference for all types of exams."

W.B. Saunders, one of largest publishers of medical textbooks, will market the book to radiologists, radiology residents, technologists and medical students. Based on projected sales, the book was placed on the publisher's "fast-track" to publication and is scheduled for release on June 29.

Davis, who retired from his position last year, started the book for radiology residents in 1990. The four basic fluoroscopic exams were outlined and photocopied into a 12-page spiral-bound notebook. The "little blue book" was a staple among radiology students.

Davis and Houston jointly produced a larger version of the handbook in 1998 and considered expanding it into a conventional textbook. After Davis' retirement, Houston spearheaded the project and was able write, propose and sell the book in six months.

While uncommon for a resident physician to author a textbook, Houston has also co-authored a second book with Davis titled Fundamentals of Gastrointestinal Radiology, which will be released by W.B. Saunders on September 28.
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